Why become a GICCO volunteer ?


GICCO offers the opportunity for everyone to invest in a wonderful project. Being a volunteer at GICCO means being able to build human relationships, to feel useful by investing in a motivating project, to benefit from a unique and enriching experience, and to develop new skills.


Volunteering allows you to learn a lot about yourself, create social interactions and participate in the completion of a project.


What are the qualities required to be a GICCO volunteer ?


GICCO does not require any specific quality or competence. Our association offers the opportunity to invest in very diversified activities. As a result, we will find a task that will allow you to highlight your personal and / or professional skills.

How can I help the association ?


You can be involved in activities ranging from simple logistical assistance (assembly and dismantling of equipment) to the almost complete management of a project (decoration of a theater). Your contribution to a project will depend on the needs of GICCO.


How to do ?


We regularly put proposals online. We invite you to fill out the form below, selecting the opportunity that interests you.

1. We will contact you after studying your application.

If this is successful, you will be invited to an information meeting on the sector that interests you.


2. If you are interested, you will meet an activity manager to define the extent of your commitment, punctual and / or regular.