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You are… A flourishing company that wants to associate its name with a quality project,


A business leader who wants to gather around musical projects,


A prestige brand that has the possibility to allocate an annual sum for constructive purposes,


An enthusiast who wants to increase his notoriety in international Geneva,


Or someone who wants to give life to his dreams by helping others ...


Welcome to GICCO !


We offer you…


Free or preferential tickets for you, your employees, or your partners A musical performance to mark your event (birthday, end of year party ...)

Printing your logo on our Supports Page, your advertising insert in our programs, and your name on our website. 


Indeed, GICCO is the only musical group in French-speaking Switzerland to offer varied music concerts with 200 people on stage, an adult choir, a children's choir, and almost 60 professional or semi-professional instrumentalists.


In one of the best equipped auditoriums in Geneva with a capacity of nearly 1,000 seats at each concert.

Contacts sponsoring 


Flavius Filip 

Directeur musical

Nathalie Fermaud 


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