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GICCO (The Geneva International Christian Choir and Orchestra) is a non-profit cultural association based in Geneva.


 Just as the city of Geneva, our association maintain international links. Indeed, GICCO brings together musicians and singers from several countries, including Romania, Switzerland, the United States and France.


 Our musical ensemble has 60-180 participants, singers and instrumentalists of high level.


 It consists of an orchestra, a semi-professional adult choir and a choir of children who gather for incredible concerts.


 The musical ensemble is led by Flavius Filip (Music Director and Conductor), who's unwavering modern artistic vision gives GICCO a unique and inspiring musical style.

It is with passion that the Geneva association has been sharing Christian values through music, historical and current themes since 2010.


GICCO is also involved in the training of adults and youth in the musical field.


Our association relies on the investment of volunteers and donors to carry out its projects.


Each year, GICCO offers you the opportunity to volunteer but also to support us financially.


If you are interested in our project, do not hesitate to contact us in our section.





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